Friday, March 30, 2012

Honda Jazz Hybrid in green


All New Honda Jazz Hybrid
New Honda Jazz Hybrid... 1.3L RM 94,800 otr price pitammm
Inspired by how Mother Nature does things naturally, Honda created a range of hybrid cars to give something back to nature. Whether you are naturally progressive, naturally intelligent or downright naturally awesome, there's a Honda Hybrid for all of you. The Honda Jazz Hybrid is a car with a big heart that stands out from the crowd. With its infused hybrid technology and retaining the flexibility of the Jazz's unique ULTRA Seats allows a huge storage space that has to be seen to be believed! 

Honda Jazz, macam best je kan?
Alangkah indah kalau dapat sebiji or price macam sebiji kancil
Memang dah ku rembat satu.. berangannnnn
Honda Jazz in green? Nampak macam cantik, but depends on your taste
Ada banyak lagi warna lain..
pink? no, no, no

p/s : sebelum balik KL, nak test drive semua kereta honda @ machinda sales, semambu... kikiki... jangan marah mama...
** sape-sape yang ddk kuantan, or kemaman yang nak beli kereta honda, cari mak saya yek....

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